Live Implant Surgery Courses

Dr. Boltchi travels internationally teaching, lecturing and demonstrating his expertise as an implant educator. His techniques can improve your workflow and patient results. Improve the predictability of your implant dentistry surgeries!

Soft Tissue Grafting in Implant Dentistry

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The Soft tissue grafting course is designed for clinicians who wish to develop proficiency in performing soft tissue surgery. The entire spectrum of soft tissue surgical techniques will be presented, including soft tissue augmentation and related periodontal plastic surgical procedures.  This course is recommended for doctors who desire to increase their knowledge with oral soft tissue grafting, implant soft tissue management and periodontal plastic surgery. 

This course will also include implant site development, a hands-on soft tissue grafting workshop and LIVE surgical demonstration cases.

Extraction and Socket Grafting

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The long term success of dental implants is dependent on the quality and quantity of bone available for implant placement. Extraction socket grafting is a crucial step in implant site development and often reduces the need for additional bone grafting procedures. Selection of the appropriate bone graft material and membrane also discussed. The hands-on portion of this workshop allows attendees to practice and master the technique of socket grafting.

Full Arch Immediate Fixed Implant Reconstructions

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Full Arch Reconstruction is designed for clinicians who wish to develop proficiency in performing implant hard tissue augmentation procedures. This advanced level course is for clinicians who desire to improve their knowledge and skill sets in hard tissue grafting for implant dentistry. The focus is on reverse tissue engineering in the optimization of hard tissue architecture for implant site development and implant placement.