Implant Training testimonials

What are others saying…


Great course, truly enjoy Farhad” – R.L.


“This was a good course.  I learned plenty and it reinforced the things I was already practicing.

  Keep up the good work.” – D.B.

“Great course as always.”  - S.H.

“Phenomenal!  Answered many of my questions of digital workflow plus much much more!” – J.G.

“Great course!  Dr. Boltchi presents in a relaxed and enjoyable manner with lots of tidbits to take back and apply.  I like the attention to detail and how it is oriented to general dentists.”  - K.W.

“Thank you for an amazing learning experience, excited to come back.”  - T.P.

“Loved the course and learned what I wanted.”  - J.B.

“Lot of good information and material.  I learned a lot and have more to get comfortable with, since I have only placed implants freehand.” – D.R.

“As always the instructor, facility and course were high quality material.  I can go back to my office and implement immediately to help me continue to become a better dentist.” – D.G.

“Program was awesome, can’t wait to try in office!” – T.B.

“Great course, like always, lots of material and information.” – M.B.

“Course answered my questions and filled in gaps in my knowledge.” – W.Q.

“Farhad is a foundation of great info!” – A.W.